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Chordmasters News

Valentine's Day 2008

Can it be? Valentine's Day has come and gone. It was our pleasure to deliver about 27 of them this year. Some were to sweethearts (Yes, Virginia, even husbands and wives can be sweethearts) and some were to merchants and other supporters of our chapter, the Arlingtones. Out thanks to everyone for their support.

Christmas 2007

Christmas is rapidly approaching. Do you have your shopping done? Have you started your shopping? Have you even thought about it?  Santa has arrived back at the North pole from wherever he goes in his off time. Rumor has it that he and Mrs. Claus take separate vacations. Ms. Claus still has that spark in her eye. It is whispered about that the big man tends to get in to the Christmas spirit by the glass in the off season. No facts here but interesting gossip. The elves are threatening to unionize again. It seems to happen every year at this time  The reindeer are all practicing their roof top landings. It is a very delicate operation. (What about Donder and Vixen? Will they be an item again? For a while, Blitzen was in and Donder was out, but Vixen's affections seem to somewhat ephemeral and there is always a chance for Donder to become number one in her eyes again. Blitzen is sulking but will do his bit come Christmas.)

Fall 2007

Fall? It has been a nice cool week, great for sleeping in. We started looking through Christmas music but it is really hard to work up enthusiasm at this time. However, it will be here sooner  than any of us think possible. I am curious about Donder and Vixen. It has been an on again, off again relationship but we will probably have to wait a few more months to find out about that.

We have had a couple of calls for December, but still have many open dates.

Planning an event? Give us a call.

Summer 2007

Nice weather thus far.  It has been cool and raining appropriately, but we all know what's coming, don't we?  At least if you have lived in the Chicagoland area for any period of time, you'll know. It's going to get hot and dry. Oh well, sufficient to the day the trouble therein.

We have had a delightful time thus far. We have been at the Garlands in Barrington and at an Entertainment Fair in Chicago and are looking forward to appearances Lake Villa, Libertyville, Arlington Heights, and Barrington Hills.

We still have many open dates. Please call 1 847 934 3754 if you are interested.

Spring 2007

The Young Men In Harmony contest is coming up on February 11th at Barrington High School. The Chordmasters are not performing but we will be there to sing with the Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus and cheer on the next generation of barbershoppers.

February 14 is Valentine's Day but you knew that. Have any ideas for your sweetheart? The Chordmasters will be out and about delivering singing valentines over the Northwest suburbs.  Check out  or call Marie at 847 397 9420 for details. 

The new year has started off with a bang. So far we have performed in Island Lake, Skokie, Zion, and Wauconda. We still have open dates. Keep us in mind for your event. We will sing anywhere,-well almost anywhere.


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